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Why not try the Jordan Jumpman Pro?

As a product that was first released in 1997, the Jordan Jumpman Pro series became a hit after it was released that year. It can be said that many shoe fans at that time wanted to have a pair of Jordan Jumpman Pro.

Jordan Jumpman Pro

As a Team Jordan series of shoes, Jordan Jumpman Pro has different performance comparing with Air Jordan series shoes. Jordan Jumpman Pro is more inclined to be affordable and practical shoes, has been popular by a lot of shoe fans.

Jordan Jumpman Pro「WBV」2023

Jordan Jumpman Pro「WBV」2023 has been released. The shoes continue to adopt the previous shoe design, with the iconic Chicago Bulls colors covering the shoe body. The upper part is composed of varsity red lychee leather and white lychee leather. And the red part is more prominent in the white background.

The sole adopts the form of black and white matching, simple and refreshing. There is no doubt that the entire shoe is black, white and red, which is completely the classic color of the Chicago Bulls. Therefore, compared with some of the previous colors, the color of this pair of shoes is very good-looking and extremely classic.

Unfortunately, the Jordan Jumpman Pro shoes that have been reproduced since 2009 have been simplified. The previous Jordan Jumpman Pro uses full-length Zoom air cushion, and the current model only has a Zoom air cushion in the forefoot sole, and the rear sole is filled. However, it is worth mentioning that the anti-torsion TPU plate is still the same as the previous Jordan Jumpman Pro, it doesn’t have big difference.

Jordan Jumpman Pro series is a good pair of basketball shoes, even if it only has Zoom air cushion on the forefoot sole, but it is still very comfortable. People who have worn the Jordan Jumpman Pro series know that the soft elasticity is the key to many people’s love for this shoe, whether it is casual wear or basketball competition, Jordan Jumpman Pro is very comfortable.

Except this colorway, it also has all black colorway on sale. If you are interested in it, you can have keep an eye on it.

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