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PUMA has officially released Scoot Henderson’s signature basketball shoe, SCOOT ZEROS, making Henderson the seventh player in NBA history to have a signature basketball shoes in his rookie season. In this issue, we look at the specific design details.


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Pink and white shoe box, personal LOGO of Scooter Henderson on the front, jagged flame LOGO on the side, Henderson’s motto: O.D.D (Overly Determined to Dominate)

The upper is made of leather and thick fabric. The serrated shape is very sharp.

PUMA SCOOT ZEROS vamp light transmittance

There are 7 sets of shoelace holes, the first 2 sets are made of leather material, the last 5 sets are made of hot melt material.

The shoe-tongue is made of thick fabric material.

The top of shoe-tongue has Henderson’s personal logo and Puma logo.

The serrated flame LOGO on the outside of the shoe body is full of aggression.

Double ring green hard shoe pull-tab echoes with the side logo.

The inner side of the shoe is made of leather and fabric splicing, and the leather material enhances the support of the inner side of the forefoot.

The midsole uses high rebound PROFOAM EVA material.

The bottom of the heel is turned over, stacked design, which can effectively guide the direction of force.

The outsole uses one-piece two-tone rubber.

The rubber outsole on both sides of the forefoot is turned over and treated with sawtooth shape.

The outsole uses big area of herringbone pattern.

The forefoot rotation axis improves foot flexibility.

The width of EUR42 forefoot sole is about 112.51mm.

The heel outsole pattern is sparse to improve the stablity.

The width of EUR42 heel outsole is about 92.02mm.

The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material. The shoe heel position has Scooter Henderson’s personal logo and PUMA logo.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 269mm.

The width of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 92.09mm.

The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 5.78mm.

The insole fabric is made of non-woven material.

The unit weight of EUR42 is about 442.5g.


PUMA SCOOT ZEROS GEORGIA PEACH, inspired by the most famous peaches in Scooter Henderson’s home state of Georgia, uses orange and flesh pink as the main color of the upper, with green jagged flame LOGO on the outside and black hook edge to bring a strong visual impact.

The size of the shoe is a little longer, the circumference and width of the front foot are moderate. Although it is a low version shoe, the 7 groups of shoelace holes cover a wide area, even if my ankle is thin, the overall fitness is still very good after tying. The PROFOAM EVA material of the midsole is elastic. With the upturning design of the outsole, the overall balance performance is very good.

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