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Unboxing & Closed Look: Jordan Zion 3

My first impression of Jordan Zion 3 is totally different with previous generations.

It not only changes the appearance, but also changes the material and technology. For example, the upper doesn’t use the same leather and mesh fabric material as Zion 2, but uses thinner material, and it has reinforcement on the shoe head.

It also covers a thick layer of hot-melting material above the fabric.The design of hot-melting part is said that the designers use 3D imaging technology to capture the splash of water when Zion jumps out of the mud.

This idea was actually inspired by Zion himself, jumping out of the mud to symbolize the difficult experience of his struggle from his hometown town to the NBA.

As Zion’s signature, it must has his personal elements, such as the big Zion logo on the shoe heel, and the surrounding embroidered totems.

Zion has publicly stated on more than one occasion that he is an avid fan of Naruto, so these totems are inevitably reminiscent of the seal on Naruto’s stomach.

As a pair of the latest signature basketball shoes, the scientific and technological configuration is certainly the most concerned part of most of players. Jordan brand has also made major changes this time.

The embedded Formula 23 high performance foam midsole is dismountable, the first time in history that Formula 23 has been presented in such way, skipping the shoe-pad and midsole fabric, contacting with the foot directly.

Except the Formula 23, the half-sole is inserted with a big piece of Zoom Air cushion, the middle position is inserted with a piece of TPU stabilizing plate.

In order to fully display the new midsole structure, a transparent Z-shaped window representing Zion was designed, and the yellow midsole can be seen through the window after the shoe-pad is installed.

But it can’t only depend on the shoe-pad, so you can see the side reinforcement from the outsole, the anti-rollover angle is also very prominent and extends to the back of the midsole, which complements the midsole and improves the performance of the shoe.

You can also see that the outsole has upturning design on the inner side of shoes, as well as the structural reinforcement of the middle position of sole, and the shape and position are corresponding to the shoe-pad and fit together.

If you are fans of Zion, you must be excited after looking at the outsole. The outsole uses big area of herringbone pattern. Although the design is simple, but it’s useful. It guarantees the traction performance.

The heelpiece of outsole uses semi-transparent rubber which reveals the words Formula 23. It looks nice.

Although the cushion performance is most important part, but I would like to commend the anti-rollover design.

Not only the appearance, but also the feeling after putting them on subverted my consistent impression of the Jordan Zion series shoes.

Thanks to the embedded midsole structure, the center of gravity of Zion 3’s midsole is significantly reduced. I can feel the sense of ground obviously.

The Formula 23 touches the feet directly. The resilient feedback is obvious. And the feedback of Zoom Air cushion on half-sole is also obvious.

I’m surprised at the excellent anti-rollover performance of Zion 3. As a pair of low version basketball shoes, the anti-rollover performance is very important to the health of foot.

The anti-rollover performance of Zion 3 is excellent. It makes you feel safe.

The shoe head part is relatively narrow and long, it’s recommended that the fat feet choose half size up, but if you like extreme fitness and stability, you can also choose the standard size. It’s better to have a try on physical store.

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