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Unboxing & Closed Look: Jordan Luka 2 

There are many new generation of basketball stars on the NBA arena, among which Luka Doncic with his own excellent strength, attracted great attention from fans. Only two years, he has his first signature shoes Jordan Luka 1, its appearance and performance are great. Recently, Doncic’s second signature shoes – Jordan Luka 2 finally released. How about Jordan Luka 2? What is the configuration of Jordan Luka 2? What’s its midsole technology? Is it worth buying? Let’s have a closed look at two colorways of Luka 2 today.

The first released colorway of Jordan Luka 2 is black, and it’s decorated with purple and turq.

The upper is made of thick fabric and leather material. The strength is good. Comparing with Jordan Luka 1, the upper of Luka 2 is higher. With the chamois leather and mesh fabric, it guarantees the safety and improve the texture. It looks great.

The shoe tongue is printed with Doncic’s personal logo and the Roman numeral “II” words, highlighting the identity of the second-generation basketball shoes.

The Latin words “NON DESISTAS” and “NON EXIERIS” are printed on shoe heel, meaning “never give up” and “never give in”, which is also Doncic’s life creed.

The biggest point of this pair of sneakers is the configuration of this shoe. The midsole of Luka 2 can be divided into four parts, full-length Formula 23 high-performance foam material as the main cushioning material, while equipped with a piece of Cushlon 3.0 foam as an auxiliary support, embedded at a specific angle on the inside of half-sole. The new cushioning combination further improves the dynamic foot feeling and feedback effect of the sole.

The second pair of sneakers is the ‘Quai 54 series’ colorway, the main color white with an hourglass geometric pattern of red and green, echoing the theme of the Paris street basketball tour. Not long ago, Doncic also attended the ‘Quai 54’ competition, wearing the same color suit. This color scheme accentuates the line of the Luka 2 shoe, making it more noticeable than the previous model.

The shoe tongue is printed with Doncic’s personal logo and ‘Quai 54’ logo.

The shoe heel is printed with ‘03’ and ‘23’, representing the 20 years that the ‘Quai 54’ competition has been played.

In terms of anti-rollover, the strong midsole cushioning structure provides a sufficient guarantee for the overall stability of the shoe, while the newly upgraded IsoPlate system extends to the side of the midsole, combined with the foam material, to ensure that the player’s feet can maintain balance on lateral movement to keep the safety. The bright grass-green number 7 on the side of the shoe extends from the midsole to the upper, highlighting its identity.

Jordan Luka 2 can fits with different kinds of feet types. Although it looks heavy, but actually it’s light on foot.

The inner side of ankle position has thick foam padding. After fastening the shoelaces, it can offer comfortable fitness. And the anti-torsion performance is excellent. As it uses full-length Formula 23 material, I can feel the excellent resilient feedback when jumping to the ground. It’s not only suitable for playing basketball, but also daily dressing. They are very comfortable. For the size,they fit true to size.

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