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CONVERSE released the brand-new ALL STAR BB TRILLIANT CX basketball shoes. It also looks very cool as a pair of casual shoes.



It uses classic Converse black shoebox.

The shoe cover design is cool and characteristic.

The shoe cover is inspired by the 1993 AREO JAM, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.


The front end of shoe cover is connect with the upper by velcro.

There are two hooks on the rear-end of shoe cover.

The hook hangs over the last flywire.

The hook has bending structure which is not easy to fall off.

The flywire extends from the inner side of shoe upper and it’s reinforced by the stitches.

The upper is made of durable PU material. It’s one piece design.

There are 8 couples of shoelace holes. The 1-6 couples of shoelace holes use the ALL STAR BB EVO lacing system, which is easy to adjust the fitness. The 7-8 couple of shoelace holes are metal material, which improve the durability.

There is a dangerous goods label on the inner side of shoe tongue.

The star arrow logo on the side of vamp uses hot-melting material.

The long shoe heel design fit the heel tendon well. And it’s easy to put on and take off.

The midsole has big area of upturning design from arch to heelpiece, which give the heel a full range of strong support.

The arch design can offer more free when exercising.

The rubber outsole is durable.

The outboard rubber of half sole upturns the midsole to improve the stability. The half sole uses ZOOM AIR cushion.

The half sole uses herringbone pattern. And other position uses rhombus pattern, which offer multi-directional traction performance.

The width of EUR42.5 half-sole is about 111.81mm.

The heelpiece sole use rhombus pattern and CX foaming midsole.

The width of EUR42.5 heelpiece sole is about 89.77mm.

The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material. The reverse side uses recovered materials. And it has brush coating.

The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 275mm.

The width of EUR42.5 half-sole shoe-pad is about 95.67mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 4.45mm.

The insole fabric also uses recovered materials.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 ALL STAR BB TRILLIANT CX with shoe cover is 373.2g.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 ALL STAR BB TRILLIANT CX without shoe cover is 343.70g.

Do you like the ALL STAR BB TRILLIANT CX with shoe cover or not?


The colorway of ALL STAR BB TRILLIANT CX is inspired by the poison frog. The special appearance is very attractive.

True to size, the width of half sole is moderate. After fastening the shoelaces, the fitness of upper is good and comfortable. The midsole design can offer great support. The shoe cover is easy to hang up. We can feel the resilience from the ZOOM AIR cushion of half sole by jumping and running. The CX foaming sole is not too stiff and not too soft.

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