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The Performance Review of New Balance FuelCell SC Trainer V2

Following in the footsteps of the first generation of FuelCell SC’s popular thick-sole running shoes, New Balance has finally launched the FuelCell SuperComp Trainer V2 with several updates and changes for Easy run to speed training and even competition.

Cushion Performance & Comfort Level:
The New Balance SC Trainer V2 is equipped with two-layer FuelCell foam, and the height of the shoes is adjusted from the previous 47 mm to 40 mm, which not only meets the height demand of the World Athletics Federation for competition shoes, but also increases the stability. So this pair of shoes can cope with training and even competition.

For the heavier weight of the previous generation, the foam density of the SC Trainer V2 has been adjusted from 0.15 to 0.10 (quoted from Danny Orr, a New Balance employee, during his visit to preview Road Shoes in the 2022 New Balance quarter), making the overall weight lighter. And using Energy Arc hollowed-out technology, the carbon fiber plate sandwiched between the foam quickly bounces back after collapsing on the ground to provide smooth driving force.

The reduction of FuelCell density and the difference in foam density between the upper and lower layers make it easy to deformn and collapse at each step. When you follow the NBRC running in the program of 1.4KM + 4 x 600M, you can feel the driving force brought by various technologies at a pace of about 6 minutes. Back in the realistic experience of a slower and longer easy run, the energy feedback of a 7 1/2 minute pace or slower pace is not as aggressive as expected. For slower runners, although the curved outsole helps smooth the transition, but the FuelCell is softer, absorbs shock at slow speeds, and relies on the arched carbon fiber plate to assist in propulsion. This is the dividing line between entry-level and amateur runners’ choice of running shoes.

Suppot & Protection:

One of the major updates is to turn the original woven upper into a traditional engineering mesh. The design team also maintained the overall support structure with a wavy pattern, while increasing the air permeability to cope with the long training distance.

The shoe heel and ankle are fitted with sufficient padding to keep close to the ankle, as well as a fully stitched tongue with elastic straps. The SC Trainer V2 rarely shakes your feet during running. The zigzag arrangement of shoelace holes also reduces the pressure on the instep when rolling, and the overall fitness is good.

Traction Performance & Durability:

The SC Trainer V2 uses wear-resistant rubber and patterns similar to those used in V1 to cover the high-wear spots on both sides of the forefoot sole and shoe heel. The SC Trainer V2 is more careful to attach glue to the exposed carbon fiber plate to prevent damage to the carbon fiber plate by gravel and uneven road conditions. At 100 km for the time being, the outsole glue is only slightly abraded. In addition, the combination of plaid and wavy pattern provides a stable grip on slippery ground, and it is estimated that the average storage is 350-500 miles.


Equipped with Energy Arc carbon fiber plate and 40mm thick FuelCell midsole of the New Balance SC Trainer V2, this pair of shoes to meet the needs of different speeds, but also meet the competition standards, undoubtedly become a lot of runners’ choice.

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