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The Configuration of NIKE ZOOM G.T. JUMP 2

NIKE ZOOM G.T. JUMP just released the 2nd generation. NIKE ZOOM G.T. JUMP has a big area of ZOOM AIR cushion on the half-sole and shoe heel. And there is a piece of JUMP FRAME extending from shoe heel to midsole. Let’s have a look at the configuration of NIKE ZOOM G.T. JUMP 2.

The ventilated mesh fabric upper is also reinforced by Flywire.

It uses full-length AIR ZOOM STROBEL cushion.

The injection type PHYLON insole

The shoe heel uses NIKE REACT foam.


The two pieces of independent ZOOM AIR cushion on the half sole.

The rubber outsole uses multi-directional pattern.

Comfort Level:

The breaking-in time of NIKE ZOOM G.T. JUMP 2 is shorter than last generation. As the upper of JUMP 2 and the material on both sides are softer than JUMP 1. In the beginning, the shoe head is a little narrow for me. But after playing two basketball games, my fee break-in it.

There is a big piece of thick NIKE REACT which support the whole heelpiece and offer excellent cushion feedback.

Cushion Performance:

It uses full-length AIR ZOOM STROBEL cushion which offer good cushion performance.

The strong resilience depends on the two pieces of independent ZOOM AIR BAGS. Its thickness is almost the same as the big air bag of JUMP 1.

The big NIKE React foam offers excellent resilient feedback.

However, this kind of resilience is more suitable for stride, quick short steps or small stride movement response is not so strong. If you want to use the basketball movement to maximize its effect, the test is to take the rebound after the feet jumping on the ground (heel REACT) and immediately take the first step forward for a layup (half-sole ZOOM AIR). Or cooperating with teammates in the alley-oop relay, after the left and right shake to shake off the opponent, the best effect is to use the one to two steps before (half-sole ZOOM AIR) jump directly into the air.


The resilient feedback is great, but we can’t feel the ground well. The excessive resilience of half-sole ZOOM AIR affect the reactivity.

The anti-rollover design of JUMP 2 half-sole is bigger than JUMP 1. As the two pieces of ZOOM AIR increase the outside floor area.

The upper of JUMP 2 is lower than JUMP 1. It increases the flexibility. The padding of JUMP 2 shoe collar is thicker than JUMP 1. It fits the ankle better. When running and changing the direction, it doesn’t have much space for the ankle to move. By reducing the height of shoe collar, it can not only protect the ankle well, but also offer good flexibility. The cushion feedback of midsole is great.

Did you notice that the outside of the shoe collar on both sides of JUMP 2 has he same foam design as GT RUN? This design is like a buffer zone to reduce the pain of the ankle being directly impacted.


It already reduced the weight by using NIKE REACT on the heelpiece. But comparing with other GT series shoes, JUMP 2 is still heavy. The configuration of JUMP 2 is too much, so it’s more suitable for forwards or centre forwards.

The outsole pattern evolved from the herringbone pattern as a concept. The traction performance is good. The JUMP 2 also adds groove in the half-sole position due to the two pieces of independent ZOOM AIR cushion to improve starting.


The NIKE ZOOM G.T. JUMP 2 are designed to help you jump into the air. G.T. JUMP’s most loyal supporters were Nikola Jokic and Brittney Griner, as well as Rudy Gay, Zach Collins, DeAndre Jordan & Tristan Thompson. The configuration of ZOOM G.T. JUMP 2 is great. It’s worth to purchase them to have a try.

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