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The Configuration of AIR JORDAN XXXVIII CNY PF

Dragon as the source of inspiration–AIR JORDAN XXXVIII CNY PF men’s basketball shoes has been released. The metallic details are embellished with dazzling brilliance like dragon scales, allowing people to feel its infinite power and unique personality at a glance.

And its internal technology configuration is great. The stable X-Plate is as strong as the spine of a dragon, providing unparalleled support and stability for the player. The full-length Zoom Air Strobel cushion configuration is like the soul of a dragon, giving players sufficient cushion and rebound when they cut fast and sprint fast.

The light mesh structure, like the breath of the dragon, allows the players to stay breathable and comfortable during the game. The embroidery design of the upper is as unique as the lines of the dragon, so that every detail is full of story and emotion. Whether it is the cross line design of the upper, the V-shaped line or the ribbed line, it represents the brilliant course of Michael Jordan in the 1993 season. Every detail is full of respect for the history and the vision of the future.

Nike has always been committed to the concept of reducing waste, but also in the AIR JORDAN XXXVIII CNY PF men’s basketball shoes have been perfectly reflected. The ‘Move to zero’ shoebox feature a unique design that adds to the commemorative significance of the product and demonstrates the brand’s strong commitment to environmental protection. This is not just a pair of shoes, but a story about faith, tradition and the future.

AIR JORDAN XXXVIII CNY PF gathers Chinese tradition and modern technology, integrates fashion and pattern, highlighting personality and charm. It is not only a pair of shoes, but also an attitude, a belief.

After wearing it, as if the players were infused with the mysterious power of the dragon, whether it is galloping the field or coping with challenges, they can meet with the best states. And all of this is due to the strength and faith given by AIR JORDAN XXXVIII CNY PF.

In the coming days, let us look forward to this pair of legendary basketball shoes to create more brilliant moments on the court. It is not only a pair of shoes, but also a symbol of the era, an eternal legend.

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