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The Configuration of adidas D.O.N. Issue #5

The adidas D.O.N. Issue #5 was exposed. As the first pair of Mitchell signature shoes after the renovation of adidas basketball product line, the design has changed dramatically, and the sci-fi style has made many players look forward to it.

This gradual purple color in front of me is one of the many official colors announced at that time, I like it at the first sight, only this pair has a unique gradual design.

The upper uses hot-pressed material punching design, time travel to the 2010s.

The hot-pressed material is more dirt-proof and durable than the exposed woven fabric, which is good for the players who like to play basketball on outdoor court, and the shoe head is also reinforced with suede to improve protection.

The biggest feature of D.O.N. Issue #5 is the three-bar TPU that runs through the midsole. Adidas cleverly uses the three-bar to integrate into the structure of the shoe body, achieving a balance between shape and functionality.
The inner side also has the extension of three bars TPU, which can be imagined as a hand holding the arch and sides of your foot at any time, the stability is great.

The Mitchell’s classic spider logo is essential. It also shows the shoe’s information.

For the midsole, it is equipped with LIGHTSTRIKE technology, upgraded LIGHTSTRIKE STROBEL technology and TPU anti-torsion plate. We expect its actual performance when playing basketball.

The shoe heel has mark of ‘V’, which represents ‘Victory’.

The outsole uses herringbone pattern. The pattern is deep. As you know, the classic herringbone pattern offers great traction performance.

The arch position has Mitchell’s signature. It will be released soon. Keep looking forward to it.

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