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In 2020, adidas’ strongest running shoes ADIZERO PRIME X STRUNG were pulled into the “blacklist” by the International Association of Athletics Federations due to their abnormal configuration.

Now this pair of running shoes finally ushered in a more subversive re-evolution: ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG.

It uses the extreme configuration of double-deck carbon plate and three layers of foam cushion, there is no doubt that ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG is adidas’s current strongest running shoes.

The upper uses adidas Strung technology. It’s not only light and has good air permeability, but also offer excellent support and fitness.

The shoe tongue is integrated type, which improves the fitness and reduce the extra material and the weight.

The biggest evolution of ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG is the midsole. It uses brand-new double-deck carbon plate with three layers of Lightstrike Pro.

The double-deck carbon plate covers bigger area. With the three layers of Lightstrike Pro, the resilience and cushion performance are great. The upper layer of Lightstrike Pro has been adjusted and keep the middle-level hollow-out structure.

The thickness of midsole is 50mm. The resilience has been improved 8%, and the cushion performance has been improved about 24%.

The outsole still uses CONTINENTAL traction technology.

The rubber position also uses hollow-out design to reduce the weight. It also guarantees the traction performance, abrasive resistance and lightweight.

It’s oversize. I normally wear EUR43, but the size EUR42.5 of ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG fits me well.

The support of upper is great. After fastening the shoelaces, the shoes fit me perfectly.

The elasticity of integrated shoe tongue is good. The integrated shoe tongue is not easy to move when exercising.

The three layers of Lightstrike Pro is 50mm. With double-deck carbon plate,  the drop height is about 6.5mm.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 304.9g. It’s 35.2g heavier than ADIZERO PRIME X STRUNG.

Overall, ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG is a pair of top-level running shoes. If you are professional runners and would like to break your running record, ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG is a good choice.

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