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The Characteristics of NIKE Zoom Kobe 4

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 was released in 2009. It has many unique characteristics and Kobe’s personal elements.


  1. Low version: Zoom Kobe 4low version design is innovative in that time. The low version design offers more flexilibility, and it’s lighter.
  2. Flywire technology: Zoom Kobe 4 uses Flywire technology. The balance of lightness and stability is achieved by using support lines of ultra-light material on the upper.
  3. Zoom air cushion: It uses Zoom air cushion technology, which offers excellent cushion performance and reagency.
  4. Snake scale upper: The upper of Zoom Kobe 4uses the snake scale pattern design, which a tribute to Kobe Byrant’s ‘black Mamba’ nickname, and also make the special appearance.
  5. Light weight: Zoom Kobe 4 is very light, which can improve the speed and flexibility of players.

The design of Zoom Kobe 4 has many Kobe’s personal elements, espcially the snake scale upper.

The performance of Nike Zoom Kobe 4 is excellent. Many basketball players thought that it’s a pair of excellent basetball shoes. Its low version design and lightweight make the players can move and turn freely. The Zoom Air cushion technology offer excellent cushion performance for the players.

Overall, the Nike Zoom Kobe 4 is a pair of innovative basketball shoes that has achieved good performance through its low version design, lightweight performance and unique appearance. The shoes also contributed to the development of the Kobe series shoes and Bryant’s personal influence in the field of basketball shoes.

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