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Information about New Balance TWO WXY V4:

  1. Fresh Foam X and FuelCell double-layer midsole
  2. Compression moulding heel stabilizing plate
  3. Mesh composite vamp
  4. The unit weight of US10 is about 393g

New Balance TWO WXY V4 adopts the brand’s recent core of Fresh Foam X and FuelCell double-layer midsole technology, which is also the first time for New Balance to appear such a “dual core” midsole basketball shoes. The configuration method is not stacked or separated from the front and back, but the full-length cross, Fresh Foam X and FuelCell are equally configured. According to the official statement, it is hoped that the different density and distribution of Fresh Foam X and FuelCell can be used to cushion the shock and transverse movement assistance.

FuelCell+Fresh Foam X midsole. different color blocks represent different midsole materials.

The first time I tried it in the store, I did not particularly feel the dual cushioned core, but when wearing it on the court (interior wood floor), suddenly you can feel the comfort of Fresh Foam X and FuelCell.

Whether it is Fresh Foam X or FuelCell, the setting of this pair of shoes is not to give the user a strong resilient feeling, on the contrary, it is to give you a very comfortable cushion-shock feeling when you land and start running.

The unit weight of US10 about 393g. It is a pair of lightweight shoes. From some small details, such as the small portion of the outsole hollowed through the midsole fabric, the mesh fabric upper, etc., you can feel the New Balance to make the TWO WXY v4 to be lightweight.

The mesh fabric upper of New Balance TWO WXY v4 is soft, and the shoelace system on the inside allows the shoelace to be tightened. The fitness is good.

Overall, As the 4th generation of the TWO WXY series shoes, this shoe brings a full range of performance configurations, excellent cushion performance, lightweight, traction performance, and anti-rollover performance. The configuration is great, but the characteristics are not so bright and strong, such as excellent cushion performance but not elastic, do not feel the characteristics of the combination of Fresh Foam X and FuelCell, and slightly feel that the brand wants to make the shoes stick to the ground. But it’s not really close enough.

The New Balance TWO WXY v4 is undoubtedly a good pair of shoes, wearing it in basketball games is absolutely good enough, but it’s hard to say the biggest feature of the shoe. From a practical point of view, everything can be said to be above the standard, but if the tech fan wants to experience new feelings, it may not be so amazing.