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PUMA All-Pro NITRO Performance Review

PUMA recently released the brand-new model All-Pro Nitro. And its spokesperson is Scoot Henderson. PUMA All-Pro Nitro uses the brand-new technology NITRO SQD to upgrade. It was named PUMA’s current best basketball shoes by many people. Today we’ll share the performance review of PUMA All-Pro Nitro with you.

Personal Info:
Height/Weight: 182cm/87kg
Size: US11=EUR45=29CM
Foot type: Normal, a little wide, high instep
Habit of playing: running without the ball, mid-range shooting, penalty area defense
Court: Outdoor painted court
Testing time: about 10 hours
Fit true to size. PUMA All-Pro Nitro is suitable for many differnt foot types. My instep is high, it’s a little tight for me at begining. But after breaking-in, it fit me well.
The vamp of PUMA All-Pro Nitro is made of engineering mesh fabric (flourescent yellow area) and yarn fabric (transparent area). The strength of material is lower than MB.02, but it’s softer. And the yarn fabric with window opening design offer good air permeability to All-Pro NITRO. There are 6 couples of shoelace holes. It can adjust the shoelaces to fit different foot types.

The padding around the ankle position is not thick. PUMA All-Pro NITRO balances the protection and flexibility well.The brand-new NITRO SQD cushion technology uses dual density midsole. The outer high-density material covers the inner low-density foam, which can not only offer good cushion performance, but also stabilize the deformation of the inner material. The resilient feedback is fast.
The midsole of PUMA All-Pro NITRO is not thick, so the center of gravity is not too high. Although the NITRO SQD is a little soft, but the stability is good. It’s suitable for defenders and centre forwards.

Traction performance of PUMA All-Pro NITRO is good on clean court. But the traction performance will decline if the rubber outsole absorb a lot of dust. It needs to clean the outsole frequently to guarantee the traction performance. As it’s painted court, the force of friction is good, it can grip the ground well when moving or stop. The outsole pattern of All-Pro NITRO has been upgraded comparing with Clyde All-Pro.

After playing basketball about 10 hours, it only has obvious abrasion on the inner side of forefoot sole. I’m satisfied at its durability. Wear and tear will vary depending on your playing style. If you like jump shot and restricted area defense, the All-Pro NITRO is durable enough for you. However, if you like emergency stop, change direction and run, as the sole texture is soft, it is better to have multiple pairs of shoes to change.
Overall: NITRO midsole are currently PUMA’s top cushioning technology. It makes the shoes equipped with this technology are highly praised, especially in running shoes. Deviate NITRO series has been selected by many shoe reviews as a fairly comprehensive racing shoes. Although I haven’t bought the running shoes, but I already bought the basketball shoes with NITRO midsole.The brand-new All-Pro NITRO is the first pair of basketball shoes which use the NITRO SQD double density midsole. From configuration to pricing, we can see PUMA’s dedication to this pair of shoes. In terms of comprehensive performance, All-Pro NITRO is better than the current brand flagship signature shoes MB.02, whether you are No. 1 or No. 5, as long as you do not pursue a sense of adhesion, like soft resilient feedback, then All-Pro NITRO is well worth your try.Advantages:
1.The resilient feedback is great. It’s suitable for heavy weight players or if you like basketball shoes which can offer excellent cushion feedback.
2.The upper is comfortbale. It can fits with different foot types.
3.The traction performance is excellent on clean court.
1.The traction performance will decline if the outsole absorbs lots of dust.
2.The padding in the ankle position is not thick enought.
3.The outsole material is a little soft. The durability on outdoor court should be not good.

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