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Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen Performance Review

I was not interested in LeBron series shoes for a few years. Till this year, the appearance of LeBron 20 caught my attention. It uses big and thick air max cushion. There are many people who wear LeBron Nxxt Gen on the court. As LeBron Nxxt Gen is similar to LeBron 20, and it’s cheaper. Let’s talk about the performance of LeBron Nxxt Gen today.


  1. Excellent cushion performance

Recently I have worn many middle and low grade NIKE & Jordan basketball shoes, but most of them are not great basketball shoes, even Jordan 37 haven’t offered me a good cushion performance. And LeBron Nxxt Gen has Zoom air cushion on the half-sole and shoe heel. Its cushion performance is excellent.

▼Both of the half-sole and shoe heel have Zoom air cushion.

The half-sole has a big peice of arc-shaped Zoom air cushion, and the shoe heel uses U shaped Zoom air cushion. The cushion performance is excellent. They are very comfortable. It reminds me of the LeBron Soldier series shoes.

LeBron Nxxt Gen is suitable for most of players. It’s very popular recently.

2. Great traction performance

The outsole of the Nxxt Gen looks like the rubber lines of a city map. Not matter tge plastic cement court or woodfloor court, it can offer great traction performance.

I have wron LeBron Nxxt Gen for 6 basketball games. But it doesn’t have any obvious abrasion on the outsole.

▼The abrasive resistance should be good.

  1. Good fitness and support

The price of LeBron Nxxt Gen is not cheap, but it worthes the money. The upper is made of thin mesh fabric. It has half inner sleeve design. The shoe tongue is thick. The ankle poition is filled with thick foam. It doesn’t have dynamic shoe laces. But after fastening the shoelaces, the fitness is good. It’s easy to put on the shoes.

▼Good fitness

The only problem for the fitness of LeBron Nxxt Gen is that the shoelaces is easy to be loose after playing about 20-30 mins basketball games.

▼The shoelaces is easy to be loose.

Although the upper of LeBron Nxxt Gen is thin, but the support is good. The shoe tongue is thick, and it has a layer of leather. The ankle position is filled with thick foam.

▼It has different reinforcement on different position

There is a layer of leather on the bottom of shoe heel. And it has built-in TPU plate. The pull-tab on the shoe heel is only for decoration. The anti-rollover depends on the wide outsole. It’s very stable.

▼The shoe heel has built-in TPU plate

▼The outsole pattern extends to the side

Disadvantage: The anti-torsion performance is not good enough.

The anti-torsion performance of LeBron Nxxt Gen is not good enough for me. I thought that it doesn’t have anti-torsion plate, but after deconstructing, there is a piece of small rectangular anti-torsion plate, normally it should be able to offer enough anti-torsion performance to me with the anti-torsion plate. Maybe it’s due to the soft midsole material, so the overall strength is not good enough.

Overall: 9.3 stars

Size: True to size.

Although the anti-torsion performance of LeBron Nxxt Gen is not good enough, but it’s not a big defect, so I think that it worthes 9.3 stars. LeBron Nxxt Gen is very comfortable. The cushion performance, fitness and traction performance are great. And the price is affordable. So I would like to recommend it to you.

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