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Nike JA1 Performance Review


  1. Good traction performance

The traction performance of NIKE JA1 is not good enough in the beginning. After playing a few basketball games and breaking-in, the traction performance is getting better.

The traction performance of the rubber outsole is great on indoor wood floor cement court and plastic cement court.

The abrasive resistance of NIKE JA1 is good. The outsole is made of XDR. They are suitable for playing basketball on cement court.

  1. Good fitness and supporting performance

The outsole of JA1 is flat, and it’s filled with thick foam. It’s different with other basketball shoes. After putting on, the feeling of foot like a pair of board shoes.

▼The thick foam makes JA1 like a pair of board shoes.

I can feel that the JA1 fit me well when putting them on. It’s a little tight for me. If your feet are wide type or the instep is high, it maybe uncomfortable in the beginning.

▼Fitness is good after fastening the shoelaces

The upper of JA1 is made of mesh fabric and leather. The texture is not great. But as it’s cheap, you get what you pay for. The big Swoosh logo reinforce the support.

▼It has some reinforcement on different positions of the shoes.

The padding of shoe heel is thick, and it has inserted TPU plate. The stiffness is great. It also has a piece of anti-torsion plate on the shoe heel. The anti-rollover performance of JA1 is great. The overall stability is good.But the traction performance of lateral outsole is not good.

▼The shoe heel is inserted with a piece of TPU plate.

▼Good anti-rollover performance

Disadvantage: The Zoom air cushion is not obvious.

The half-sole of JA1 has ZOOM Air cushion. The cushion feedback is not obvious, not bad, but also not good. After running on the court about 2 hours, I didn’t feel uncomfortable. But the cushion performance of JA1 is worse than ASCIS Gelburst 26. If you like excellent ZOOM Air cushion feedback like Adidas Boost series, JA1 is unsuitable for you.

Overall Performance: 8 stars

Shoe tree: a little narrow

Size: True to size.

Although the overall performance of JA1 is not great, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable when playing basketball. I don’t have high requirement for the cushion performance. The fitness, support and traction performance are good. The price is cheap, so it’s acceptable for me. But if you are strong, or have wide feet, or like good cushion performance, JA1 is not a good choice.

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