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Adidas Harden Vol.7 Performance Review

Adidas Harden Vol. 7 combat basketball shoes, just from the appearance has been greatly changed, the overall shape is very retro, people have a feeling of retro Adidas return. The color of the shoe body is presented in a large area of red, supplemented by black embellishment, which is quite striking.

The side of upper is made of big area of high-strength fabric material. After fastening the shoelaces, it can cover the feet well and provides comfortable fitness and protection.

The shoe heel is convered with lint, which improves the comfort level.

The separating inner sleeve design with 3 layers of thick shoe heel design is very comfortable.

The performance of adidas Harden Vol. 7 has been improved. The midsole of adidas Harden Vol. 7 is quipped with an outer Lightstrike and full-length JETBoost cushioning material to keep the lightweight and offer excellent moving ability. The JETBoost material is firstly used in the basketball shoes. Comparing with Boost material, the particles of JETBoost is samller, and the density is higher. It can offer better resilience and stable cushion performance.

The large X-type TPU built into the midsole is visible and extends from the forefoot sole to the heelpiece. With the large anti-rollover angle design, it can provide excellent protection during sports. Although the carbon plate is not used in the middle foot, in fact, the development of shoe technology so far, the rigidity of TPU has long been enough to guarantee, and adidas has developed for so many years, the torsion performance of the shoe has never been doubted.

The heel of the sole is embellished with the classic three-bar logo, highlighting the characteristics of the brand, but also a tribute to the adidas D Rose 1.5.

The outsole uses classic herringbone pattern which offer excellent traction performance. The forefoot sole has been reinfoced by two pieces of black rubber with different pattern.

The brand-new adidas Harden Vol.7 has all the features that a pair of good basketball shoes should have, not matter the appearance or the configuration.

Although the shoe collar uses socks design, but it’s easy to put on and take off. With the dual configuration of Lightstrike and JETBoost, it not only has excellect performance on the basketball court, it’s also suitable for daily dressing. For the size, they fit true to size.

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